Citi Habitats Fee Agreement

Citi Habitats Fee Agreement: Understanding the Costs

If you are a resident or an aspiring resident of New York City, you probably are aware of the challenges of finding the perfect apartment. After months of researching and visitations, you may finally find the dream apartment, only to be presented with a fee agreement you do not understand.

Citi Habitats, a leading New York real estate brokerage firm, is one of the most prominent agents helping people find rental properties in the City. The firm has a comprehensive fee agreement that covers the costs associated with finding and securing a rental apartment. Understanding the Citi Habitats fee agreement is a crucial factor when renting a property through Citi Habitats.

What is the Citi Habitats Fee Agreement?

The Citi Habitats fee agreement is a comprehensive document that outlines the costs associated with renting an apartment through the brokerage firm. The document outlines different fees that renters need to pay when renting an apartment, such as broker fees, application fees, and lease renewals.

The Citi Habitats fee agreement is divided into three main sections, each with its own set of costs. These sections are:

1. Broker Fees

The broker fee is probably the most crucial part of the fee agreement, as it is the fee you pay to the broker who helped you find your rental apartment. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the annual rent, with rates ranging from 8.33% to 15% of the annual rent, depending on the apartment`s location and price range.

2. Application Fees

Application fees are paid to the landlord or the building management company to cover the costs of the background and credit checks required for renting an apartment. The fees vary, but they usually range from $50 to $150 per person.

3. Lease Renewals

Lease renewal fees are paid when tenants choose to renew their lease after the initial lease term. The fee is typically 1 month`s rent, but it may vary depending on the apartment`s location and price.

Understanding the Costs

It is essential to understand the different fees associated with renting an apartment through Citi Habitats, as they can impact your budget significantly. For instance, a broker fee of 15% of the annual rent can cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the rental apartment`s location and price. It is crucial to factor in all these expenses when budgeting for your apartment.


Renting an apartment in New York City is a challenging but rewarding experience. Understanding the costs associated with renting an apartment through Citi Habitats is crucial to avoid financial surprises. Always read and understand the Citi Habitats fee agreement before signing, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your broker for clarification.